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ZZR 2002

In the year MMII the organization of the ZZR invited skipper Robert Hoogland to sail their 47 feet yacht. In order to have maximum fun, Robert asked Bob Smit to join him and so it happened. The experience and information gathered from the organization-yacht, still provides both guys priceless information!

ZZR 2003

In the year MMIII Cuba Libre was born. A team of 8 went to Pula to sail a Bavaria 44. This was also the first year that Cuba Libre brought music in the lives of all other teams. Cuba Libre presented their first Cuba Libre CDZeilRace: a CD mixed exclusively for the ZZR MMIII.  The university magazine of the University of Technology Eindhoven, the Cursor, wrote about Cuba Libre. If you want to read it, click here.

ZZR 2004

In MMIV Cuba Libre took revenge ... in white suits! This is the year of the ultimate and most exciting match-race ever in the history of the ZZR! Before the ZZR, on January 16th, Cuba Libre organized a unique basement pre-party. Because no-one was sober enough to remember what happened there, this … will always remain a mystery.
In Sukosan Cuba Libre sailed an Elan 45 and took the 4th place of a field of 25 teams.

Sint Maarten Heineken Regatta 2008

There is more than Europe, in MMVIII Cuba Libre flew to the BVI to sail his Beneteau Oceanis 423 from there to Sint Maarten. In a 4 day regatta and with enough to drink, Cuba Libre managed to take the 5th place of 23 participants in Bareboat 5.

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