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The 2010 Cuba Libre crew

Specially for ZeeZeilRace 2010, Cuba Libre presents the best team with the right people on the right spot.


Skipper Robert Hoogland
Do you need to be sober at the start or finish?
Navigation/Catering Bob Smit
Our local hero.
Genua/Motivater Wim de Visser
Brought with us from Eindhoven the best coffee maker.
Overall Trim Wessel van Ackooy
Problems don't exist, only challenges!
Mainsail Trim Jurjen Folkerts
Jur would say: "Wat kan je wel"
Mainsail Trim Sebastiaan van Loon
Let me drive I don't have a licence!
Genua Trim Danny Fransen
Never runs away from a challenge.
Genua Trim Doreth Valk
Our secret wapon!
Tactician Femke Zwanenburg
Our feminist side.

Team Cuba Libre crew members overview of the past.